Hon.Nancy VanReece

Speaker | Strategist | Vice President Business Development, Batch Nashville



Nancy VanReece

Nancy VanReece at the Amqui Station Farmers Market , Summer 2019

Nancy VanReece at the Amqui Station Farmers Market , Summer 2019

Nancy VanReece’s personal mission is to advocate creative opportunities to help communities, businesses, and individuals achieve their full potential. This has been the driving force throughout her successful career and inspiring life.

Nancy VanReece is the first openly out lesbian elected to a legislative body in the State of Tennessee. She is the Nashville and Davidson County Metro Councilmember responsible for surging popularity and citizen activism in District 8, which includes parts of North Inglewood, Maplewood, and Madison. She served as Chair of the Convention, Tourism Committee and Vice-Chair of the Parks, Libraries & Arts Committee and was appointed by the Mayor's Office onto the Metro Nashville Diversity Advisory Council. She is an At-Large Board Member of the National League of Cities Elected Officials constituency group. She was appointed to the Mayor's Council on Women to prepare for the 100 Anniversary of the Women's Right to Vote Anniversary in 2020.

The Victory Institute says this: "Each day since Council Member VanReece has been a tireless champion for the people of Nashville’s 8th District – laser-focused on bringing regional investments and opportunity to her constituents."

Hon. Nancy VanReece is also the Vice President of Business Development at Batch Nashville, LLC., a brand builder and advocate that concentrates on client experience. She is a brand builder and an advocate that concentrates on the client experience, contributing a long strategic vision with a keen eye for relationship building. In 2015 she was added as a speaker to the State Department's Bureau of International Information Programs.

VanReece was also a trailblazer for more than 25 years in the music business, as well as served as the Executive Director/CEO of The Nashville Shakespeare Festival from 2007-2009; the first Senior Director of Partnership Development at Cool People Care, Inc.; and as a strategist for GivingMatters.com, and the Nashville Library Foundation. She was the first new media consultant for the Transit Alliance of Middle Tennessee.

She has paintings showing in six cities, three universities and two countries. She is the 2017 recipient for the Stein Award for Public Leadership in the Arts, awarded by the Nashville Arts Coalition.

I worked with Nancy for 4 years and I can attest that she is a life-long learner, leader, and relationship builder. Nancy has never met a stranger. I’ve probably sat in over 100 meetings with her and she’s always found something to connect with the person across the table- “a virtual connector of dots.” That takes both empathy and emotional intelligence. Nancy is thoughtful in her approach to everything she does which makes her excellent at business development. She is able to think strategically at ten-thousand feet while being detailed oriented in the execution of tasks. Ideas are nothing without execution and Nancy balances those effortlessly. Having Nancy is your corner is nothing short of incredible.
Nancy did a spectacular job rebuilding MDSave’s social media presence. One heck of a turnaround job. She was creative, reliable and has a solid work ethic. She came to the table with fresh ideas, was always on time and always kept a great sense of humor.
— Chad Blackburn Vice President Business Development MDSave,Inc.

"I came to Nancy because I wanted to build my brand through blogging/social media and had zero knowledge about how to do it. She was the perfect person for the job. Her blend of social media expertise and calm, positive demeanor was exactly what I needed. 

Consultant/coach/patient trainer, she helped me create a path to launching my blog and gave me skills along the way. She made me feel like what I wanted to achieve was possible, and then got me there. There is lots left to do, but I feel confident that we will partner to achieve the long term results I'm hoping for."

- Lisa Pote, Consultant

Nancy VanReece is the real thing. She knows how to build an effective social media brand/platform. Even better, she makes this complex, arcane world accessible (and dare I say FUN) for her clients. She stands on the valuable ground where social media, branding and marketing intersect. I’m incredibly relieved to have her on my team!
— Amy Lynch, Generational Edge
What can be said about Nancy VanReece that you may not already know? There is a general consensus (and a look at her LinkedIn recommendations confirms this) regarding her wide-ranging talent for just about everything at which she tries her hand. As communications director at the Governor’s Books from Birth Foundation (GBBF), I was responsible for helping to coordinate a statewide summit featuring thought leaders and communications experts in the non-profit arena. During the planning phase for the event, when charged with finding a presenter for the topic of social media engagement, I knew immediately that Nancy was the best possible choice. Nancy is on the cutting edge when it comes to helping organizations create comprehensive social media engagement strategies. Her presentation at the Tennessee Executive Residence was eloquent, sleek, articulate and – most significantly – effective. Our attendees left the summit invigorated with a real sense of how to implement Nancy’s ideas and reach more of their constituents in the ever-evolving ecosystem of social media platforms. I cannot recommend her highly enough, and I hope to work with her often in the future.
— Kirk Graves, Communications Director, Governor’s Books from Birth Foundation
Nancy has completely transformed our social media program, creating a viable and robust presence for us across a variety of platforms, from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to Google+ and Pinterest. She has played a critical role in upgrading and maintaining our website, and she piloted the launch of the Nashville Symphony’s mobile app, which today has been downloaded more than 5,000 times.

Nancy’s commitment to the job has been beyond compare, as she has spent countless evenings tethered to her iPad, monitoring and responding to the outpouring of feedback we receive through our social networks. Day in and day out, she has created, organized and posted dynamic content that represents the full breadth of who we are and what we do here at the Nashville Symphony — our concerts, our musicians, our education programs, you name it. We are a better institution for all of the incredible work that she has done, and she’ll be greatly missed.

In her own words: “I have enjoyed my nearly two years with the organization. Over 16,000 tweets and 2,200 Facebook posts later — totaling 204 million impressions — we have grown a great community on 11 platforms having 500+ conversations a week. I look forward to working with new clients as effectively!”
— Sr. Director of Marketing|Communications, Nashville Symphony
Nancy put together a intensive 2 day workshop for Engage Kingsport and Kingsport Cultural Arts. The workshops gave individual artists the confidence and tools they need to enter the Social Media world as well as helped regional arts organizations refine and enhance their current social media strategies.
— Bonnie Macdonald, Director, City of Kingsport Office of Cultural Arts
Nancy was fun and informative. As the Luncheon Keynote Speaker for the Tennessee Conference on Social Welfare, Nancy provided great insight to a representation of over 20 different social service agencies. Her presentation spoke to each agency and everyone left with a more forward thinking mindset of social media and how it can be most effective and beneficial in telling their agency’s story! We loved Nancy!
— LaTamera Woodley, LAPSW